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Internet Privacy Notice of the G.IN.SER GmbH & Co. KG - Manufacturer of Chemical Products

Welcome to the G.IN.SER website! We are delighted about your interest in our company. Protecting your privacy is important to us. Of course, we comply with all statutory data protection provisions. The following G.IN.SER data protection policy describes how the G.IN.SER Company collects information on individuals via the Internet and how we then manage and use these data. The G.IN.SER data protection policy applies exclusively to information collected via Internet sources, which contain a link to this data protection policy. This policy does not apply to information from other sources. Through the use of this website you permit the G.IN.SER Company to record, collect and use information as stated in this data protection policy. The G.IN.SER Company reserves the right to amend, remove or update this data protection policy at the company's discretion without notice. However, the G.IN.SER Company plans to announce such amendments on this web page to keep you completely informed of the type of collected personal data, how we use them and under what circumstances G.IN.SER will disclose them. You will find a reference to the G.IN.SER privacy protection policy on all home pages and wherever we ask for personal data on our web pages. Therefore, there will be no problem finding them. Dependent on the context, we may provide additional information on the use of the collected data together with the link to our privacy policy. This privacy policy, which is also known as data protection policy, describes how the G.IN.SER Company treats personal data, which you voluntarily submit when you use our website. If appropriate we will provide additional explanations.

1. Protection of Your Private Data and Your Privacy

In the G.IN.SER privacy policy, the term 'personal data' refers to such information as your name, date of birth, email address, business address and telephone number. These are data, which can be used to identify a person. On principle, the G.IN.SER Company does not record personal data without the consent of the person who supplies these data. However, the G.IN.SER Company reserves the right to record additional data if warranted by special circumstances and as permitted or required by law. In the following paragraphs, we explain when and how the G.IN.SER Company collects and records user data.

2. The Intended Use of Personal Data

We ask users to register only on a few G.IN.SER Company web pages and only if users wants to use certain functions. However, some services require users to register. In these instances, the user fills out a form on the respective web page. Users are required to enter data in certain fields while filling out other fields is voluntary. Occasionally, the user is asked to choose a user name and password. In the event a user does not enter required data, access to the requested information or function will be denied and the G.IN.SER Company cannot respond to the user's request.
The G.IN.SER Company records personal data for the purpose indicated in the registration process. Therefore, the user will be aware of the use of his or her personal data. For instance, recorded personal data may be used to provide products or services for the web page user. The data are also needed to send invoices, provide shipping information, to send requested product information to the customer and to communicate with the user. The G.IN.SER Company stores personal data in compliance with applicable legal and ethical reporting and documentation obligations.

3. The Confidentiality of Personal Data

The G.IN.SER shall not sell, give or distribute recorded personal data to third parties except in the cases described in this data protection policy. The G.IN.SER Company reserves the right to make recorded personal data available to other global G.IN.SER Companies provided these other G.IN.SER Companies agree to abide by the here described data protection policy. The G.IN.SER Company may also make recorded data available to third parties to process the transactions as intended by the user. These third parties work and act for or on behalf of the G.IN.SER Company. This applies for example to shipping services, analyses or technical services.
Quite possibly, these third parties abide by different data protection policies. However, the G.IN.SER Company is determined to ensure that these third parties meet high standards in their privacy policies, which must be comparable to the privacy policy of the G.IN.SER Company. Whenever necessary and appropriate, the G.IN.SER Company will enter into a contract with a third party to ensure that the data provided by the G.IN.SER Company will be used for the purpose intended by the G.IN.SER Company, exclusively.
Personal data may also be passed to third parties in the following two instances:
First instance: The operation of this website and the associated customer information is sold or transferred. In this case the G.IN.SER Company would commit the new owner of the website to treating the transferred personal data according to this G.IN.SER privacy policy. Second instance: The disclosure of personal data is required by law, regulations or adjudication.

4. The Right to Access, Correct, Delete or Revoke Personal Data

Every website user who agrees to the use of his/her personal data via the G.IN.SER Company website has the unlimited right to access, edit or delete these data. Furthermore, the user has the right to bar the G.IN.SER Company from contacting him/her. If you would like to contact the G.IN.SER Company with questions in context with the use of your personal data please send an email to ginser@ginser.de. In your request to correct, update or delete your personal data, please provide us with the name and address of the website, which you used to provide these data. The G.IN.SER Company will promptly and properly comply with your request. When we delete your personal data upon your request we shall comply with all applicable statutory and ethical archiving and documentation requirements.

5. Data Security and Confidentiality

The G.IN.SER Company uses state of the art, firewall and password protected data networks to keep the recorded personal data secure and confidential. While it is not possible to guarantee that the data will not be lost, misused or altered, the G.IN.SER Company does its best to maintain data security.

6. Data Transfer to Foreign Countries

The G.IN.SER Company may transfer personal data to data banks outside the website user's state of residence. Even if personal data are transmitted to a country, which does not require the compliance with international data protection standards, the G.IN.SER still takes every effort to adequately secure the export of personal data into such a country.

7. Anonymous Data, Cookies and Tags

The G.IN.SER Company may record anonymous user data, which contain for example information on the visited web pages and the searched sites. We use such anonymous information to tailor our website to the needs of our customers and to gather website usage data for use in our internal market analyses. For this purpose the G.IN.SER Company may install cookies, which store the website visitor's Internet provider address as well as the date and time of the website visit.
The G.IN.SER Company does not use cookies to identify individual users. Cookies are messages sent to a web browser by a web server. The browser stores the message as a small text file. Cookies are stored on the user's hard drive. They do not harm the user's computer. The browser settings determine whether the user is alerted to the arrival of a cookie. The user is able to change these settings. Upon receiving the alert, the user decides whether to install the cookie on the hard drive. The G.IN.SER Company reserves the right to avail herself of the help of third parties for the collection and processing of the above described data. These third parties are subject to all duties described above in paragraph 3 (The Confidentiality of Personal Data).
The G.IN.SER Company reserves the right to use cookies in combination with Internet tags or to allow third party advertising partners to insert these Internet tags. (Internet tags are keywords or terms associated with a computer file, bookmark or digital image.) These tags are located in online advertisements, which redirect users to this website, as well as in several places on a web page. The G.IN.SER Company uses this technology to measure the user response to the web sites and the efficacy of advertising campaigns. This may for example include the information how often a visitor opens a web page and what information the user decides to access. The third party uses the cookies and tags to gather anonymous data on visitors to other websites.
The G.IN.SER Company does not use cookies or tags to gather information, which may identify individual users, such as names, addresses, email addresses or telephone numbers.

8. Personal Information and Children

The G.IN.SER Company will not knowingly record or use in any way personal data of children under 13 years of age or make such personal data accessible to third parties without directly contacting the child's legal representative (e. g. a parent or guardian) and obtaining prior consent from the legal representative. The G.IN.SER Company will inform the legal representative of the personal information, which the child provided, and allow the child's legal representative to prohibit the creation of further records of the child's personal data or to prohibit the use or storage of the minor's personal data. Of course, the G.IN.SER Company will gladly comply with all laws, which protect children.

9. Links to Third Party Websites

This privacy policy applies to websites of the G.IN.SER Company, exclusively. This policy does not extend to the websites of third parties. The G.IN.SER Company website contains links to interesting content on third party web pages. To the extent possible, the G.IN.SER Company ascertains that these linked websites meet the highest standards. However, the nature of the world wide web makes it impossible for the G.IN.SER Company to guarantee the data security standards for every linked website or assume liability for the content of all linked web pages. This privacy policy is not meant to apply to linked websites, which the G.IN.SER Company does not own.

10. How to contact the G.IN.SER Gesellschaft für chemische Produkte mbH & Co. KG [G.IN.SER Company for Chemical Products GmbH & Co. KG (Ltd. partnership with an LLC as general partner)]:

Do you have issues with the data protection and data collection on websites of the G.IN.SER Company? Do you take issue with the implementation of the above detailed principles? Would you like to comment on the G.IN.SER privacy policy or suggest improvements? If so, please contact the data protection representative of the G.IN.SER Company:

Andreas Halbeisen
Marktplatz 19
D-83607 Holzkirchen (Germany)
Telephone: 49 (0) 802 447 3960

The present G.IN.SER data protection policy was last updated in April 2013. The G.IN.SER Company constantly improves the technical environment, in which user-provided data are processed. We therefore ask users to return to this privacy policy from time to time and check for changes.

11. Google Analytics

This website makes use of Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. ("Google") Google Analytics employs cookies (small text files), which are stored on the user's computer. With the help of these cookies, we analyse how you use our website. This user information (including your IP address) is then sent to a server maintained by Google Inc. in the USA. The Google Inc. stores the information. The Google Company uses this information to analyse the use of the G.IN.SER website, to gather information for reports on the website activities for the website owners, and to provide services in connection with the website and Internet use. Google will share this information with third parties if this is required by law or give access to this information to companies who process it on behalf of Google Inc. Under no circumstances will Google create connections between your IP address and other data, which are maintained by Google.
Users are able to adjust the browser settings in a way, which prevents the installation of cookies. However, this also means that users may not be able to fully use all functions of our website.
Through the use of the G.IN.SER website you agree that Google Inc. shall have the right to process data in the above described manner and for the above described purpose, which are gathered in connection with your use of the G.IN.SER website.