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The paper bag industry uses a specialized form of paper processing with its own principles and requirements.

Paper Bag Industry


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Mould is a problem, which occurs in this form only in the paper bag industry. This is based on the unique conditions during the production process. Detailed analyses are necessary to find effective individual solution. Below, we describe the causes and conditions for mould growth in paper bags or sacks. We also suggest preventive measures to prevent mould contamination.

In the 1970s and 1980s, mould contamination problems increased. This increase was mostly triggered by two factors:

The increased use of foils as liners in paper bags or packaging material on pallets and the increased use of recycled paper, which can exacerbate mould problems.

When these problems surfaced the umbrella organization of the industry took charge and investigated this problem jointly with a starch supplier and the Gockel & Co. Company. The task consisted of developing a suitable new biocide to replace the formaldehyde, which was used at the time. The following design parameters had to be met for the new biocide: The biocide must not cling to fibres, must be water soluble, and must comply with the laws and regulations governing the use of materials, which come in contact with food. The result was a product, which was marketed under the trade name 'Piror 1045'. Our current product GINSER 422 followed Piror 1045 as second generation development.

In principle, the new products solved the mould problems for the paper bag manufacturers. Few changes were made to these products since their introduction.

If mould problems surface in individual cases the specific problem will be solved after analysis. The most important aspect in these solutions is the technical optimization. Using biocides should always be second after other solutions failed. We can help you find the optimal solutions and will always keep the production steps in your company in mind.