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Corrugated paper boards consists several layers of paper, which are glued together. At least one of the paper layers is corrugated. The stacking of several layers makes the corrugated boards so strong providing that the layers of papers are glued together in a stable way with as thin a layer of glue as possible.

Corrugated Paper Board Industry

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Corrugated paper boards are very light and stable; they can be used for many different purposes.

Complex industrial procedures are used for the production of corrugated paper boards:

Constituent parts of corrugated paper boards

  • paper
  • paint
  • foil
  • glue

Dependent on the production details, several solutions may be used to solve problems caused by germ contamination or to improve the production process.

We also offer excellent service if you want to re-use or circulate water after a rinsing process or waste water after flexographic applications.