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Cleaning agents may also be added to a running system to continuously clean the production line components.

The active components in GINSER cleaning solutions are tensides, acids, alkali and/or bleach.

Cleaning agents

GINSER 550 Produkt Ginser

GINSER 550 is a strongly alkaline cleaning agent with intensive cleaning power and with superior emulsifying and dirt carrying characteristics. GINSER 550 easily lifts lignin, melamine, resin and other residues from surfaces provided they are soluble in alkaline solutions. If applied continuously, GINSER 550 prevents the soiling of paper machine felts to an extent that in most cases the felts do not need to be washed separately.

GINSER 551 Produkt Ginser

GINSER 551 is a strongly alkaline cleaning agent with intensive cleaning power and good emulsifying and dirt carrying characteristics. GINSER 551 easily lifts acid-soluble residues off surfaces including fillers, aluminium hydroxide, lime scale etc. If applied continuously, GINSER 551 prevents the soiling of paper machine felts with inorganic residues either completely or to a large extent.

GINSER 569 Produkt Ginser

GINSER 569 performs great when it comes to loosening and dispersing the filtration residues on screens or felt, such as tar, bitumen, resins, wet-strength resins and similar substances. Such residues are commonplace in the paper industry. Different from most commercially available screen and felt cleaners, GINSER 569 solutions do not just emulsify dirt but also help to detach it from surfaces. Once the dirt particles do not stick quite so tightly to the surface any more, the emulsifiers will do their work. Finally, dirt can be easily washed away.

Cleaning Agent 1258 S Produkt Ginser

The cleaning agent 1258 S is a universal strongly alkaline cleaner for the removal of caked-on residues derived from organic substances on screens, felts, rollers etc. Cleaning agent 1258 S can also be used to remove caked-on residues of organic origin from vats, drying pads, headboxes and screen baskets.

Cleaning Agent 1259 Produkt Ginser

Cleaning agent 1259 is a micro-emulsion. It is used to clean screens, sieves, wet felts and equipment parts in paper mills. Use cleaning agent 1259 to lift sticky organic residues like organic resins, bitumen, etc. away from surfaces. Such residues are often carried along in the paper recycling process.
Cleaning agent 1259 does not contain aromatic hydrocarbons and is therefore not classified as poisonous substance as defined by the German Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (GefStoffV). Cleaning agent 1259 is odour-controlled, i.e. there is no irritating odour during applications.

Leraclen HLDA Produkt Ginser

Leraclen HLDA is a highly concentrated foam-controlled liquid for the removal of sticky organic substances and resin-forming residues such as resins, latex residues, glue, and emulsified synthetic resins.

Stobi-Clean Felt Cleaner Produkt Ginser

Stobi-Clean felt cleaner is a neutral tenside-based cleaner and conditioner for felt cloths. Stobi-Clean felt cleaner is also suitable for cleaning screens, sieves, rollers, vats, drying pads, headboxes, screen baskets, etc.