Head Slogan
As the successor of the chemistry arm of the Gockel Company, the G.IN.SER GmbH & Co. KG looks back at more than 35 years of experience in the treatment of paper machine cycles to solve problems caused by sedimentation, slime and odour. The G.IN.SER Company also provides preservation solutions for the paper making and processing industries.




Our skilful associates have the expertise to find optimal customized strategies, which are both effective and sustainable. These associates rely on analyses, which are done in our microbiology laboratory, and they can draw on many years of expertise in dosing technologies.

In recent years, we developed and marketed innovative new products, which are effective without causing undue harm to the environment. We also keep an eye on the costs of using our products.

All products offered by the G.IN.SER Company conform to the recommendations of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment [BfR, Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung]. The used raw materials are all listed in Annex I of the EU Biocidal Products Directive.